Responsible Care Policy

Our corporate mission here at Mitsubishi Chemical Analytech is to make a genuine and lasting contribution to science through the development of advanced analysis systems, in turn promoting health and safety as well as environmental conservation. These commitments are enshrined in the Environment and Safety Policy and the Responsible Care Policy that informs all aspects of our business operations.

Environment and Safety Policy

  1. Through the provision of services related to analysis and measurement equipment we will help to promote environmental conservation and safety in the community.
  2. Under the environment management system we will enhance our monitoring and management systems, set environmental objectives and targets, and strive towards continuous improvement in environmental conservation.
  3. We will ensure full compliance with all legal and other obligations in relation to business operations, particularly in respect of safety and the environment.
  4. We will ensure that waste generated in the course of business operations is managed appropriately to prevent pollution.
  5. We will proactively engage with the community through full participation in local environmental and safety programs.

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